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Obviously, it would be difficult to list every single feature CyberTrade PRO offers. Simply put, we are the best. Here are a few of the reasons our clients love us.
Most Popular Features


Have to go to the bathroom during trading? Get called into work? Not a problem! MarketPause allows you to pause the markets and come back when you’re ready. You never have to miss a trade again.

Trade Refunds

Is it fair to make traders pay for the mistakes they make in trading? After all, we’re only human. At CyberTrade PRO, we say “Why learn from your mistakes when you can erase them?” We’ll refund up to 10 bad trades per month.

Extended Hours Trading

For years, the market has had the power to control your schedule by telling you which times you can and can’t trade. Not anymore! CyberTrade PRO clients enjoy the benefit of trading on weekends, pre-market trading starting at 12AM, and post-market trading ending at 10PM.

Free Everything

Cynical pessimists have been saying, “nothing in life is free” for years. We’re here to prove them wrong. At CyberTrade PRO, EVERYTHING is free! Put your wallet away – this one is on us.

Direct Contact with Market Makers

Tired of that NITE soaking up the bid? Sick of seeing ETRF fill everyone’s orders but yours? Tell them yourself! We’ve negotiated competitive contracts that allow you to get in direct contact with any market maker at any time.


NEW! Trade Rewind

Ever place a portfolio threatening trade that may compromise your entire trading career? It’s not your fault and we understand that. Our clients enjoy up to 3 trade rewinds per calendar year. It would be nice if all brokers were this forgiving…

Now Introducing… Free Trading Courses!

Don’t know how to trade? Doesn’t Matter! Thanks to our educational partners, we are now offering two free trading courses to our first 250 clients.

How to Make Billions

Starter Course

This course will teach you everything you need to know to make your first billion dollars trading stocks. This DVD is packed with invaluable information that will help you live the trader lifestyle in no time.

How to Make Trillions

Advanced Course

Once you’ve made your first billion, it’s time to enter the big leagues. This expose-style trading course will teach you the secrets that wall street executives would die to protect.

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